Mesh Morpher allows users to bake Morph Targets on the Skeletal Mesh. Baking writes the Morph Target deltas to the Skeletal Mesh Import data(if available) or LOD Model data. Baking is persistent and permanent.

There are two ways to Bake Morph Targets:

Once the Bake button is pressed, a dialog box will open where users can select which Morph Targets to Bake.

Mesh Morpher will attempt to bake the Morph Targets that have a weight different than 0. After baking is completed the baked Morph Targets are removed from the Skeletal Mesh. Users can select multiple Morph Targets with different weight from the list and in the preview viewport they can visualize how the final result will look like.

After the Morph Targets are baked. Mesh Morpher will also attempt to offset the existing Morph Targets in Import Data so they'll reflect the actual mesh.

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + B

The button is greyed out when there's no skeletal mesh loaded

Morph Target Baking is irreversible.

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