Mesh Morpher allows users to select and mask certain portions of the meshes in order to provide them with precision when applying Tools.

Side Masking Menu


Toggle Selection

Clear Selection

Clears the current mask selection

Select All

Selects all sections in Mesh Sections

Select Boundary

Selects the boundary vertices of the mesh

Select Deltas

Selects affected vertices

Select Side

Allows users to select vertices located in the picked side.


Displays the current Sections available in the mesh data and allows users to select them. When selecting a section, previous masked vertices are cleared. Once a section is selected, toggling masking allows users to add additional masked vertices to the selection



Draw Selection Mesh

Draw Wireframe

Draw Bounding Box

Draw Points


Set the color of the selection mesh

Wireframe Color

Set the color of the selection wireframe


Set the thickness of the selection drawing elements



Invert Mask

Inverts the behavior of the selection. If enabled, only the vertices that are not part of the selection can be modified. If disabled, users can only modify the vertices that are part of the selection.

Render Unselected

Whether to render unselected vertices

When Masking is toggled on, the Tool is disabled, users can only draw mask selection.

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