Project Standalone Morph Targets to Morph Targets

Projects an array of Standalone Morph Targets on a Target Mesh and creates Morph Targets on the Target Skeletal Mesh. Morph Targets are projected on all Target Mesh LODs. Projection is multi-threaded but can be very intensive on meshes with big data.

Unreal Engine 5.0.X requires Use GPU for computing morph targets disabled in project settings. This doesn't apply for UE 5.1 and above.

Creating Morph Targets at runtime will invalidate existing Morph Targets available in editor.

You can learn more about Standalone Morph Targets here.



Morph Targets

Array of Standalone Morph Target Object References

Standalone Morph Targets to project.

Target Mesh

Skeletal Mesh Object Reference

Target Mesh to project Standalone Morph Targets on.



Maximum LOD Index on the Target Mesh to project the Morph Targets

Vertex Threshold

Float (double-precision)

Maximum Distance threshold between a vertex in the target mesh and a vertex in source mesh, at which they are considered to be correspondent.

Normal Incompatibility Threshold

Float (double-precision)

Normal threshold at which a triangle is deemed as incompatible. This helps to avoid triangle flipping during Projection.

Smooth Iterations


Smooth Iterations steps used to Smooth the resulted Projected Deltas.

Smooth Strength

Float (double-precision)

Smooth Strength used to Smooth the resulted Projected Deltas.

Smooth Type

EMeshMorpherSmoothTypes Enum

Smooth Type used to Smooth the resulted Projected Deltas.



Return Value


Returns true if at least one Morph Target was successfully created.

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