Create from Mesh

Mesh Morpher allows users to create a Morph Target from another Mesh, thus providing the ability to morph objects/face/bodies into other Skeletal Meshes.

In order for this functionality to work correctly, meshes need to share same vertex count and order.

Mesh Morpher goes even further by checking for the same vertex count and order on any of the available LODs, and if found, will grab the deltas and project them on LOD0(and then the LOD0 projected result will be re-projected on all other LODs).

There are two ways to create Morph Targets from Mesh:

Once the Create from Mesh button is pressed, a dialog box will open where users can select several options.



The Skeletal Mesh to create the Morph Target from.

New Morph Name

Users can also pick the Morph Target name that will be created.


Maximum Distance threshold between a vertex in the target mesh and a vertex in source mesh, at which they are considered to be correspondent. Used only by Projection.

Normal Incompatibility Threshold

Normal threshold at which a triangle is deemed as incompatible. This helps to avoid triangle flipping during Projection.

Smooth Iterations

Smooth Iterations steps used to Smooth the resulted Projected Deltas.

Smooth Strength

Smooth Strength used to Smooth the resulted Projected Deltas.

Smooth Type

Smooth Type used to Smooth the resulted Projected Deltas.

For Meta Human faces, in order to have the best result, in MHC, select same body, eyelashes, eyebrows and hair in order to maximize the possibility to have same vertex count and order on LOD0.

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + I

The button is greyed out when there's no skeletal mesh loaded

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