Mesh Morpher allows users to configure the Brush parameters to help them achieve wanted results with the Tools.



Size of the brush indicator relative to the mesh size

Specify Radius

Users can also manually specify a brush radius by enabling this option


Radius of the brush

Step Size

By pressing [ and ] users can increase/decrease the brush size by the Step Size amount


Strength of the brush. Changes how impactful the brush actions are


Depth allow to change how deep the Brush gets placed on the Drag Plane, the initial brush positioning.


Allows to change how impactful the brush can be on the outskirts.

Enable Symmetry

Symmetry Axis

Mesh Morpher uses Y forward so the symmetric brush will be placed accordingly

Update Vertex Selection

Whether to update the vertex selection on brush move

Only Facing Camera

Whether to only hit and select vertices only facing camera.

Only Connected

Enabling this options disables Only Facing Camera option. This options allows users to select and use the brushes only on connected triangles.

Angle Threshold

The angle threshold at which the triangles are still marked as connected

Stop at UV Seams

Stops the iteration of connected triangles at UV seams

Stop at Normal Seams

Stops the iteration of connected triangles at Normal seams

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