Create from Pose

Mesh Morpher allows users to create Morph Targets from Poses. Poses can be an Animation frame, a Bone Snapshot or a combination of an Animation frame and Bones modification.

There are two ways to create Morph Targets from Pose:

Once the Create from Pose button is pressed, a dialog box will open where users can select several options.



Users can select an animation with a skeleton compatible with the target skeletal mesh. Although the asset picker will show all animations, the only valid ones that will work are the ones compatible with the Skeletal Mesh.

Pose Frame

Once an animation is selected users will be able to change the frame of the selected animation in order to create a Pose from it.

Reference Mesh

Users can select a reference Skeletal Mesh which is aimed to help them match different skeletons. Reference mesh uses a green translucent material with a blue wireframe.

New Morph Name

Users can also pick the Morph Target name that will be created.

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