Also known as Project

Mesh Morpher allows users to copy/project Morph Targets from one Skeletal Mesh to other Skeletal Meshes.

Users can bulk-copy Morph Targets to multiple Target Skeletal Meshes at once.

Mesh Morpher checks if the source and target skeletal meshes are identical(vertex count, Positions and Normals). If the Skeletal Meshes are identical then Mesh Morpher proceeds with simply transferring the Morph Targets from Source to Target. If the Skeletal Meshes are not identical then Mesh Morpher will attempt to project the Morph Targets on the Target Skeletal Meshes using the given parameters.

The quality of the resulted projection is directly proportional with the resemblance and similarity between the Source and Target. The more the meshes look alike, the better the projected result will be.

You can Copy a single Morph Target or multiple Morph Targets by using Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click to select additional Morph Targets in the Morph Targets list.

There are three ways to Copy Morph Targets:

Once the Copy button is pressed, a dialog box will open where users can select several options.


New Morph Name

This parameter will become visible if only one Morph Target is selected for copying. This is the Morph Target Name on the Target Skeletal Mesh where Mesh Morpher will copy.

Automatically Overwrite


Maximum Distance threshold between a vertex in the target mesh and a vertex in source mesh, at which they are considered to be correspondent. Used only by Projection.

Normal Incompatibility Threshold

Normal threshold at which a triangle is deemed as incompatible. This helps to avoid triangle flipping during Projection.

Smooth Iterations

Smooth Iterations steps used to Smooth the resulted Projected Deltas.

Smooth Strength

Smooth Strength used to Smooth the resulted Projected Deltas.

Smooth Type

Smooth Type used to Smooth the resulted Projected Deltas.

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + C

The button is greyed out when there's no selection.

Copy allows single and multi-selection.

Morph Target copying is irreversible.

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