Reference Skeletal Mesh

Mesh Morpher allows users to select a Reference Mesh in order to help them with Sculpting Tools.

Reference Skeletal Mesh Window can be open by navigating to Tools drop down menu and clicking on Select a Reference Skeletal Mesh.

Once the Select a Reference Skeletal Mesh button is pressed, a dialog box will open where users can select several options.


Reference Skeletal Mesh

The selected Reference Skeletal Mesh


Materials can be manually assigned to the Reference Skeletal Mesh. If none, then the mesh's materials will be used.


Master Pose Type

There are 3 types of Master Pose. None: No Master Pose Main: Reference Skeletal Mesh Component has the Main Skeletal Mesh Component as Master Pose Reference: Main Skeletal Mesh Component has the Reference Skeletal Mesh Component as Master Pose

Setting the Master Pose component to "Reference" allows to create Corrective Morph Targets which can be used to achieve various things like fitting clothing to other body types.

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + L

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