Mesh Morpher allows users to merge two or more Morph Targets into a single Morph Target.

You can merge two or more Morph Targets by using Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click to select additional Morph Targets in the Morph Targets list.

There are three ways to Merge Morph Targets:

Once the Merge button is pressed, a dialog box will open where users can select several options.

  1. Destination Morph Target Name Users have to select a new Morph Target name, this Morph Target will hold the merge result.

  2. Delete source Morph Target on Merge Enabling this option will remove the selected Morph Targets used for merging.

  3. Merge Type There are currently three types of merging availble in Mesh Morpher which can output different results:



    Will append the deltas in each selected Morph Target for each Vertex.


    Will select the deltas with the highest Magnitude from each Morph Targets for each Vertex.

    Mean Average

    Will get the sum of deltas in each selected Morph Target for each Vertex and will get the average by dividing the sum by the number of deltas for that vertex.

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + M

The button is greyed out when there's no selection or the selection doesn't have two or more Morph Targets.

Merge only allows multi-selection.

Morph Target merging is irreversible.

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