Create from Mesh Files

Mesh Morpher allows users to create a Morph Target from another Mesh Files and it supports both FBX/OBJ formats.

In order to create Morph Targets from Mesh Files, Mesh Morpher requires two file inputs (Base and Morphed), from which it grabs the deltas. Those deltas are then projected on the Skeletal Mesh.

In order for this functionality to work correctly, both Mesh Files (Base and Morphed) need to share same vertex count and order.

Enabling UV Matching allows users to overcome this limitation.

There are two ways to create Morph Targets from Mesh Files:

Create from Mesh Files supports both triangulated and quads meshes with the condition that both files have same vertex count and order.

It is recommended that if users want to work with quads, to convert the base file to quads(Blender or any other DCC) and then they duplicate the quad base file(name it Morphed) and they do the work on the duplicate file. In Blender this is how to convert triangle meshes to quads.

Mesh Morpher exports and imports Mesh Files with X as Forward Axis and Y as Up Axis, therefor imports and exports in third-party DCC files should use the same settings.

In order for the Morph Target to be successfully created, all 3 meshes (Base, Morphed and Skeletal Mesh) should face same direction. This can be always achieved by changing the axes or transforms of the input files.

Mesh Morpher doesn't require for Base file to be identical with the Skeletal Mesh, but the more they resemble the better the output result.

Threshold is what controls how permissive Mesh Morpher is when the projection is happening. Higher Threshold means that Mesh Morpher is more permissive with the differences between Base and Skeletal Mesh. With a very low Threshold(for example 0.001) users are hinting that only very similar vertices would be part of the final result.

Mesh Morpher will throw errors when something goes wrong:

  • Morph Target: %s has no valid data. Base Mesh and Morphed Mesh are the same or did not generate any deltas. This error is self explanatory, when the Base and Morphed files are the same, there are no deltas to project.

  • Morph Target: %s has no valid data. Base Mesh and Skeletal Mesh have no similarities? This error could happen for various reasons, either the base mesh is too different from the skeletal mesh, or it doesn't face the same direction as the skeletal mesh.

Default settings are what works in most tests and experiments. Users are supposed to tweak and customize the settings based on their inputs.

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + F

The button is greyed out when there's no skeletal mesh loaded

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