Mesh Morpher


Mesh Morpher allows you to create/remove/modify, copy, import and export morph targets easily from within Unreal Engine Editor. Mesh Morpher version 2.0 and above is only available for UE5.0 and later. Mesh Morpher doesn't use any third party libraries outside the engine.
A Morph Target is a snapshot of vertex locations for a specific mesh that have been deformed in some way. For instance, you can take a character model, reshape their face to create a facial expression, and then save that edited version as a Morph Target.
Mesh Morpher allows users to create Morph Targets using various tools, from sculpting, importing from FBX/OBJ files to Wrapping to other Skeletal Meshes.
Mesh Morpher was awarded a Mega Grant by Epic Games which helped with the development in its initial stage.
Mesh Morpher is only available through https://meshmorpher.com website
This documentation is under construction. New content is added and expect changes.
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